Sitecore 8: make a Rendering only visible to users with a given role

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I have a rendering which is part of a page, but I want it to be displayed only to users who have a specific Role.

I searched on the net but I could not find a solution to this - I already tried removing Read permissions for that specific Rendering, like so:

but to no avail. Does anyone knows the solution?


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You can use personalization in your layout details. There is a conditional rendering rule called "where the current user is a member of the [value,UserRoles,,specific] role" (in the Security group). For this condition you would set the data source (or leave it blank). In the default condition you would set "Hide Rendering"

Note: This rule does not take role inheritance into account. You would need to create a custom rule for that.

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Thanks, didn't know about that!
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No problem, happy to help
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If you need to evaluate also inherited security roles then to can take a look at my blog post that explains the process of creating such a condition.
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